Unit Apply protocols

Year level: 3-4 Topic: Collaboration and Protocols Time: 7-8 hours

Technology is an embedded part of our lives, and it is essential that students understand how to engage responsibly in online spaces. Using the school's ICT agreement as a focus, develop an agreed set of rules and discuss protocols for ICT use. It is important students understand what it means to behave safely online and have an opportunity to explore this in more detail. Discuss the use of personal information or images when communicating online. Empower students with the knowledge of how to act responsibly online and equip them with the tools to know how to deal with cyberbullying behaviour. Use a collaborative online project to apply protocols and manage a task.

These lessons can be integrated in conjunction with English with a focus on interacting with others and/or with Health and Physical Education with a focus on being healthy, safe and active.

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