Plan for professional learning

AITSL’s Teacher Performance and Development Framework highlights what is required to build a comprehensive and effective approach to high performance and development culture to ensure quality, feedback and growth for all teachers. Consider your own context and investigate the most coherent models to support your staff.

Consult with teachers and leaders who have demonstrated expertise at your school such as early adopters and those with a passion for Design and Technology. Continue building a good base understanding of the intent and content of the Design and Technology curriculum. School stories provide insight into how individuals and teams of teachers have found value, new energy and improved student outcomes through implementing a focus on digital technologies in their classroom and schools.

View this video Teachers and coaches, which describes a Taroona Primary School's approach to professional learning and planning for Digital Technologies.

Teachers may be interested to reflect on their own practice and assess their technological (T), pedagogical (P) and content knowledge (CK) necessary to design relevant learning programs. The TPCK model is a useful way to think about this.

Develop teacher expertise. Consider providing some focused professional learning for two to three staff members at your school. The CSER MOOCs from Adelaide University are an excellent, flexible option. These CSER resources may also be relevant:

  • Consult a CSER Project Officer.
  • Explore PL-in-a-Box. These resources are designed to support you or your team in delivering free professional learning sessions, workshops or events for Digital Technologies.

View the recorded webinars on the Digital Technologies Hub.

Consider professional learning opportunities by connecting with: