Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies


Digital Technologies

The Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies (F–10) comprises two related strands:

Digital Technologies knowledge and understanding

  • the information system components of data, and digital systems (hardware, software and networks)

Digital Technologies processes and production skills

  • using digital systems to create ideas and information, and to define, design and implement digital solutions, and evaluate these solutions and existing information systems against specified criteria.


Decorative image depicting the Australian Curriculum website and the two content descriptors: Knowledge and understanding; and Processes and production skills.

Sequence of content

View the content descriptions for each year band and gain a sense of the progression of understandings, skills and knowledge across year bands.

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Structure of AC:DT

Digital Technologies: An Introduction is a 5-minute video outlining the rationale, structure and broad context for implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Screenshot of Digital Technologies: An Introduction video. The screenshot has the title: Australian Curriculum Technologies F-10

Overview of AC:DT

This video Digital Technologies – what are they for? provides a useful overview of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies developed by the South Australian Teaching and Learning Department.

Screenshot of Digital Technologies: What are they for? video. The screenshot has the title: Digital Technologies, what are they for?

Online safety curriculum connection

The purpose of this curriculum connection is twofold. It is designed to:

  • guide teachers to identify content in the Australian Curriculum that supports the teaching and learning of online safety
  • connect teachers to a range of interdisciplinary resources that have been developed to support the teaching and learning of online safety.

Online safety is a broad concept that concerns minimising risks online from a range of negative influences including inappropriate social behaviours, abuse, harmful content, inappropriate contact, identity theft and breaches of privacy.

Review the Online safety curriculum connection.

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