Articles and references

Refer to these resources for current information about artificial intelligence and related information regarding implementation of teaching and learning programs.

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The Australian Framework for Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Schools

The Australian Framework for Generative AI in Schools (the Framework) seeks to guide the responsible and ethical use of generative AI tools in ways that benefit students, schools, and society. The Framework supports all people connected with school education including school leaders, teachers, support staff, service providers, parents, guardians, students and policy makers.

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Curriculum connection: Artificial intelligence (AI)

The Curriculum connection: Artificial intelligence (AI) provides an opportunity to explore how young Australians might gain essential and underpinning knowledge of what AI is, how it works, and how to be responsible and ethical designers and users of AI systems, by developing specific concepts through the dimensions of the Australian Curriculum F–10.

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Bringing AI to school: Tips for school leaders – ISTE

This article provides some advice for school leaders and the use of Generative AI.

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A glossary of common terms associated with AI.

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The Ultimate Guide to AI in Education

This article by Tutero includes some statistics about the adoption of AI in education, and describes some advantages and disadvantages.

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The Role of AI in Decision-Making

This data-driven guide delves into:

  • an overview of the evolution of AI
  • a statistical look at the current state of AI
  • how different sectors use AI to enhance performance
  • 10 ways AI can help leaders make better decisions
  • the risks of AI.