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This page provides links to advice about how to assess student progress against key elements of the Digital Technologies curriculum.

You will find some useful rubrics in the lesson ideas sections of the site.

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ACARA has launched a new platform to search work sample portfolios. Compare work samples for a selected year band that are above, at and below satisfactory.

Work sample portfolios for Digital Technologies are available for Foundation – Year 10.

Literature review logo The Literature review: Supporting teachers to assess F–10 Digital Technologies paper provides some examples and approaches to assessment for Digital Technologies, linking to resources and tools that teachers may adopt in the classroom or utilise in the design of assessment activities.

Advice on programming and assessment (NSW) K-6 - This NSW-focused support document provides advice and support materials that promote an integrated approach to teaching, learning and assessment.


Advice on programming and assessment (NSW) 7-10^ - This NSW-focused support document has been designed to help teachers understand key aspects of the Information and Software Technology Years 7–10 Syllabus. It shows how these aspects can be incorporated in teaching and learning programs, and how these programs are underpinned by the principles of assessment for learning.

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P–10 Technologies Australian Curriculum and resources (Qld) - This Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority site includes rubrics to support the assessment process along with templates for planning curriculum delivery at each year level.


Assessing and tracking progress - This two-page PDF discusses the challenges of assessing computing, and solutions to demonstrate evidence of learning.