Programmable robots and drones

Programmable robots

Programmable robots can be used to explore algorithms and implement programs to complete a desired outcome.

In the early years of schooling, push-button programmable robots, like Bee-Bot, can be used to enhance students’ directional language and develop the skills needed to follow and represent algorithms. These robots can be easily integrated into a range of literacy and numeracy learning activities.

Many programmable robots are controlled by a tablet device and app via Bluetooth. This provides an opportunity to discuss digital systems, including the way data is transmitted wirelessly, as well as the software and hardware required.

Progammable robots allow students to use and design more complex algorithms and implement more sophisticated programs that incorporate decisions and repetition. Students draw on computational thinking to solve problems and challenges.


Similarly to programmable robots, drones enable students to explore algorithms, implement and design programs and draw on computational thinking.

There are important safety considerations that teachers need to consider and implement when using drones in their teaching programs. Refer to this article Clayfield College Drone Club, developed by Cathy Lamb a QLD teacher who started a drone club in her school.

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