Rubbish recording and reduction: Part 1

In this lesson sequence students survey and collect data concerning what is brought to school each day and subsequently becomes rubbish. They then use Excel to present that data in a variety of different ways.

Additional details

Year band(s) 3-4
Content type Lesson ideas
Format Web page
Core and overarching concepts Data acquisition, Abstraction
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Recognise different types of data and explore how the same data can be represented differently depending on the purpose


Discuss how existing and student solutions satisfy the design criteria and user stories


Use the core features of common digital tools to create, locate and communicate content, following agreed conventions


Use the core features of common digital tools to share content, plan tasks, and collaborate, following agreed behaviours, supported by trusted adults

Keywords Graphs, Excel, Spreadsheets, Data collection, Environment, Sustainability
Integrated, cross-curriculum, special needs Science, Mathematics, Digital Literacy



Creative Commons Attribution 4.0, unless otherwise indicated.