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Girls in Tech

What is it?

While most future jobs require high levels of digital literacy, only 1:10 graduates from IT degrees are women (Zagami et al, 2016). There is also significant gender disparity at technology companies.

Key players in the technology industry, such as Google, aim to inspire girls and women in technological pursuits, with the hope that they can contribute more to, and have a greater voice in, the field of technology. These companies believe that increased exposure to technological activities directed specifically towards girls at school will help increase confidence and interest in the area.

As a way of supporting and encouraging 'girls in tech', this ESA guide has been developed to provide resources, readings, competitions and programs specifically about promoting technology education for girls.


Zagami, J, Boden, M, Keane, T, Moreton, B & Schulz, K (2016). Female participation in school computing: reversing the trend. Sydney: Digital Careers).


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