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Unpacking the Digital Technologies curriculum

Video 1: Understanding representation, part 1

This 7-minute video explores the nature of representation as an arbitrary communication device. Representation of data is an important aspect of any mode of communication including within digital devices. At one stage in the video (2 min 40 sec mark) you will be invited to participate by pausing the video and creating a quick sketch. You may wish to have a pen and paper available. 

Video 2: Understanding representation, part 2

This 11-minute video explores number representations, including the development of the binary system. It follows from the video Understanding representation, part 1.

Video 3: What are algorithms?

Explore the making of a vegemite sandwich and other processes in this 5-minute video. Think about the ways in which you teach about algorithms in a range of curriculum areas.

Video 4: Problem-solving using algorithms

This 6-minute video explores some of the criteria and complexities of creating an algorithm that solves problems efficiently.