Unit Connected or distracted, informed or misinformed?

Year level: 7-8 Topic: Interactions and impacts Time: 6-8 hours

The internet facilitates fast and vast communication through a global network of connected devices. We can interact, gather data and information, do our banking, purchase items, view and listen to multimedia and even control devices remotely. Social media has enabled us to communicate and build our social networks as well as share our thoughts on such a mammoth scale. However, with access to this technology comes some pitfalls that users need to be aware of and negotiate their way through. We can collect data to find out trends in social media use in a small sample and compare that data with nationally collected data from a much larger sample size. Infographics combine images, text and numeric data to convey, in a compelling and succinct way, particular messages and information on a chosen topic. These can be published and shared online. Students can also create a basic webpage by modifying HTML and previewing the output.

This unit of work can be integrated with English and provide an opportunity to analyse and explain how language has evolved over time and how technology and the media have influenced language use and forms of communication (ACELY1729).

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