An introduction to the BBC micro:bit (June 2018)

This webinar was presented by Martin Richards, Content Manger of the Digital Technologies Hub, and Tom Bijesse from Code Club.

This session provided an introduction to the BBC micro:bit, focusing on visual programming. We cover:

  • the micro:bit and the online environment
  • getting started: loading simple programs on to the micro:bit, such as Name Tag, and using the A,B buttons
  • introducing the micro:bit to your students. We discuss how to access introductory resources such as Code Club and other tutorials, as well as managing these devices in your class.
  • extension projects/kits. A small amount of extra resources like sensors open up opportunity for STEM projects.

Handouts used in webinar:

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BBC micro:bits tutorials (Blocks)

These two videos (Creating a digital dice part 1 and 2) are to be used as support material for the year 5-6 project: Making a digital dice in the BBC micro:bit challenges document.

This tutorial on making a digital dice covers programming skills of:

  1. creating and using a variable
  2. using if/then/else statements
  3. generating random numbers.

Creating a digital dice using Micro:Bit (Part 1)

Creating a digital dice using Micro:Bit (Part 2)