Introduction to Python  (Feb 2018)

This webinar was presented by Owen Brasier, from the Australian Computing Academy

This webinar offers an introduction to python programming, and how to teach it to students in the classroom. It is aimed at the Year 7–8 band of the Australian Curriculum, focusing specifically on the Implementation thread and the requirements of the curriculum. However, this webinar is also relevant for primary teachers who want to see what comes after Scratch and block programming.

We start from the beginning and go through to building our own guessing game using python.

The intention of the webinar was for participants to follow Owen and write and run code as he presents how to program using Python. To do this it is suggested that you either create a free log-in to Grok Learning or use another online system called Further details can be found in the handout, below.


Handouts used in webinar:

  • Download the handout from this presentation.