DT Challenge - 7/8 Python - Introduction to Microbit

Discover how embedded hardware (micro:bit) and software (MicroPython) combine to create digital systems that you can interactive with!
To do the challenge offline use this guide to support students. 

Additional details

Year band(s) 7-8
Content type Student challenges
Format Web page
Core and overarching concepts Computational thinking, Algorithms, Implementation (programming)
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Investigate how digital systems represent text, image and audio data using integers


Explain how and why digital systems represent integers in binary


Design algorithms involving nested control structures and represent them using flowcharts and pseudocode


Trace algorithms to predict output for a given input and to identify errors


Implement, modify and debug programs involving control structures and functions in a general-purpose programming language


Evaluate existing and student solutions against the design criteria, user stories and possible future impact

Technologies & Programming Language​s Python
Keywords Data: Collection, Representation, Interpretation, Specification, Algorithms, Implementation, Interactions, Python, Australian Computing Academy, Microbit

Australian Computing Academy


University of Sydney. Creative Commons BY 4.0.