Computational thinking in practice F-2 (Parent and teacher activity cards)

A set of printable cards that give simple activity ideas for parents and teachers on each of the six aspects of computational thinking.

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Year band(s) Foundation, 1-2
Content type Lesson ideas
Format Document
Core and overarching concepts Computational thinking, Specification (decomposing problems), Abstraction
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Represent data as objects, pictures and symbols


Represent data as pictures, symbols, numbers and words


Follow and describe algorithms involving a sequence of steps, branching (decisions) and iteration (repetition)

Keywords abstraction, algorithms, computational thinking, decomposition, evaluation, modelling and simulation, pattern recognition, DTIF, DTiF, dtif, ACARA

Australian Government Department of Education and Training


Australian Government Department of Education and Training, CC BY 4.0