Current technology trends for secondary schools (April 2018)

This webinar was presented by Nathan Alison, Professional Learning Coordinator for Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria, and Martin Richards, Content Manger of the Digital Technologies Hub.

During this session, we provide a broad overview of popular classroom technologies in secondary schools, grouping the technologies into categories such as robots and electronics kits.

Information provided for each category:

  • a straightforward definition
  • common types of technology
  • examples of classroom use
  • alignments with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Three caveats:

  1. It is possible to implement the Digital Technologies curriculum without any of the physical tech described in this webinar. We will not be discussing the various coding environments and programming languages that can be used with just computers or tablets, nor the unplugged possibilities out there.
  2. It is acknowledged that the boundaries between the categories are often blurred.
  3. Specific products may be mentioned as examples within a category, but this should not be interpreted as an endorsement or dis-endorsement of any particular product.

Handouts used in webinar:


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