Coding and programming with Tim Bell (May 2017)

This workshop, presented by Prof. Tim Bell, was held live in Melbourne. Tim discusses the big ideas behind coding and programming, why we teach it and what we teach about. Discover how to implement coding and programming tools into your classroom using fun and engaging activities.

Handouts used in webinar:


During this webinar Tim referred to two programs he created, one in Scratch, the other in Python; both based around giving change from an amount of money. He also provided a version using each programing language showing how a loop could be incorporated for a more efficient program.

Two files for scratch:

Two files for Python:

Note: Click to download the file and save to a relevant folder on your computer. Open the file once you have the Scratch or Python program open. For Chrome - to save the file, hold your mouse over the downloaded file, right click and select 'Show in folder'. Then select the file to Save.

Image of saving a file