Algorithms Years 5–6

At this level, students design algorithms involving multiple alternatives (branching) and iteration.

Suggested activities

Conditions | Lesson 6 | Camp Coding Camp

Use this video to learn about algorithms and coding if/then statements and variables.

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Fitness unplugged

Use this unplugged activity to create algorithms that include a loop (iteration). A loop in programming is when you repeat the instructions inside of it, until a certain condition is met (in this case each exercise is completed a certain number of times). A loop can get a lot of instructions to happen with a relatively short program.

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Making maths quizzes 1: Plan and test our programs

In this sequence of lessons students plan, create and edit a program that will ask maths questions that are harder or easier depending on user performance.

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DT Challenge Year 5 Blockly + Biology

Use this lesson to sort animals according to criteria by designing an algorithm.

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