Algorithms Years 1–2

At this level, students follow and describe algorithms involving a sequence of steps, branching (decisions) and iteration (repetition).

Suggested activities

First to finish

Compare algorithms designed to complete the same task, and evaluate each for efficiency.

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Understanding algorithms and the smiley face biscuit challenge (Years F-2)

This resource explores some ideas for following algorithms including a smiley face biscuit visual algorithm challenge.

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Sequencing | Lesson 3 | Camp Coding Camp

Learn about how a computer needs to have correct step-by-step instructions with this fun sequencing coding song and computer video!

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Dancing to teach coding and algorithms

Dancing is a great way to teach coding and algorithms. Algorithms are a set of instructions, just like the instructions for a dance.

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Jam Sandwich Algorithm – Primary Computing Lesson Example

Use this as a guide to explore a computing lesson learning about algorithms and debugging using making a jam sandwich. You can change sandwich to rice paper rolls or other food preparation.

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An intro to algorithms

This unit provides students with opportunities to explore algorithms through guided play, including hands-on, kinaesthetic and interactive learning experiences.

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