Developing Data Science skills (April 2019)

This webinar will be about ways to encourage our students to become data scientists and develop their data science skills. This webinar is aimed at teachers with Years 5-8 students. New DT Hub resources will be featured to demonstrate how they can be used effectively in your class. These resources provide students with authentic datasets to help them respond to some contemporary issues that require a balance of social, ethical, economic, conservation and cultural perspectives. The four datasets incorporate scientific studies of fauna including saltwater crocodiles, turtles, dugong and whales. The webinar will be presented by Martin Richards, DT Hub and Linda McIver, Australian Data Science Education Institute.

The project is a collaboration with Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) Kimberley Marine Research Program. Resources can be used to prepare for Data Science Week 2019 (commencing 6th May in WA).

Handouts used in webinar: