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Choose Your
Ozo Adventure

Years 5-6

Using Ozobots students use and develop unusual types of data: Redefining “What is data?”.

This lesson idea was created by Ben Jucius.



  • A narrative the students have written or have studied in class.
  • The OzBot kit, including pens, paper, tablets with 9 inch screens or larger
  • Camera availability
  • iOS 6.0 and Android 2.3 (or newer).
  • 'Getting started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit robot' video

Prior Student Learning

Knowledge of block coding ie. Scratch or, use of tablet esp. net working with other technologies. Knowledge of a narrative.

Learning hook

Using the Ozobot, pens and paper, have students investigate through impromptu experiments with the colour language of the Ozobot. For example, they could make a small story about what the Ozobot is doing, such as going on a bear hunt or chicken little.

Learning map and outcomes

  • Students examine and identify different parts of their story.
  • Students design actions for their Ozobots at the different story parts
  • Students produce blocky algorithm
  • Students debug algorithm
  • Students share Ozobot performance with others.

Learning input

Students learn how to calibrate Ozobots and link tablet with Ozobot

Students learn Ozobot colour language

Explain concept of debugging and rehearsal to create the most effective solution.

Learning construction

Students can work individually or collaboratively with one or more Ozobots.

Students are encouraged to experiment with how to express their narratives through algorithms.

Students can make costumes for their Ozobots

Refine algorithms to produce the most effective solution to their narrative.

Learning demo

Students demonstrate to small groups during the development stage offering positive criticism regarding possible improvements.

Students perform to the whole class. Possibly video event to share with others at a later date.

Learning reflection

Students evaluate their learning identifying how they have developed throughout the activities. What they enjoyed, learnt and would like to do in the future.