Bebras is an international student challenge whose goal is to promote computational thinking for teachers and students in years 3-12. Bebras is aligned with and supports information and communication technology curricula across Australia. Bebras tasks are delivered online. The tasks can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking or ICT, but are strongly related to computational thinking concepts. Students may work alone or in teams to solve tasks and are required to think about information, discrete structures, computation, data processing, and algorithmic concepts. Each Bebras task demonstrates an aspect of computational thinking and tests the participant.

Additional details

Year band(s) 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10
Format Web page
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition)


Analyse and visualise data to create information and address complex problems, and model processes, entities and their relationships using structured data


Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in structured English and validate algorithms and programs through tracing and test cases

Keywords CT, Computational Thinking, Programming, Coding, ICT, Information and Communication Technology

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