Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

The challenge is divided into categories for Years 5-8 and Years 9-12. Supporting information is provided for students, teachers and parents.

Additional details

Year band(s) 5-6, 7-8, 9-10
Content type Student challenges
Format Web page
Core and overarching concepts Computational thinking
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Implement digital solutions as simple visual programs involving branching, iteration (repetition), and user input


Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition)


Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in English, and trace algorithms to predict output for a given input and to identify errors


Implement and modify programs with user interfaces involving branching, iteration and functions in a general-purpose programming language


Implement modular programs, applying selected algorithms and data structures including using an object-oriented programming language


Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in structured English and validate algorithms and programs through tracing and test cases

Keywords Competition, Interface, Programming, Computational Thinking, Video games, Algorithms, Collaboration
Integrated, cross-curriculum, special needs STEM

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