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Advice on how to lead change

An implementation action-plan for school leaders

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This action plan describes choices and options that school leadership teams can consider when planning an effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies.

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Infographic titled: Creating a whole school plan: Planning for an effective implementation of the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies. Step 1. Consider jurisdiction and sector requirements: What is prescribed or mandated? Step 2. Engage with the curriculum: Develop leadership insight into intent and structure. Plan for Professional Learning and develop teacher expertise. Step 3. Align with school vision, mission and aims: Explore ways in which intent and key ideas of the Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies support the direction of the school. Step 4. Create a school pan: Will the curriculum be explicit or integrated? Explore and make connections between Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies and other areas of the curriculum. Step 5. Consider and audit resources: Audit your school's access to technology. Is your bandwidth and WiFi capacity adequate? What technology do you already have? What supporting digital technologies do you have eg Robotics, programming boards? Audit staff capacity and expertise? Step 6: Implementation: Start small build on successes. Engage with community to support your program. Create a timeline with phased implementation. Include assessing and reporting. Step 7. Plan, implement, review and innovate.

View an accessible version of this infographic here.