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Advice on how to lead change

Implement your plan

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When implementing a whole school Digital Technologies plan many schools have found that to ‘Start small and build on successes’ is an advisable and recommended approach.

Promote and communicate your plan with your parents and school community. Organise parent evenings, articles in newsletters or local newspapers. Ask for class helpers from the parent community. Use these events and opportunities to explain the why, the how and what Digital Technologies is being covered by the school.

View this video Overview of implementation, which describes a Taroona Primary school's approach to implementing Digital Technologies. Find out what the key messages learned as part of the process.

View some examples of whole school plans as explained by the teachers who lead the initiatives. These may help to identify stages and worthwhile approaches that can be applicable to your school context.

Consider the following questions:

  • Who will lead this model? How will the curriculum be developed?
  • How might this model evolve?
  • Will this be short-term whilst you work to understand the implications for teaching and learning at your site? If so, for how long?
  • How will your share the successes from this program with other teachers who may benefit from this curriculum in their own teaching and learning context?