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Scope and
Sequence (F-10)

Learning programs to support implementation

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Timing advice

There are many ways schools will structure their programs to meet the needs of their students and also to accommodate their own state or territory curriculum advice.

The suggested timing across the band of Years 7-8 is up to 80 hrs. Schools may decide to divide that equally across each year; 40 hrs for each, or unequally for example offering more hours at year 8. Some schools may decide to deliver the entire 80 hrs to one cohort of Year 7 and then 80 hours to the remaining cohort in the following year.

Approximate timings have been allocated to each sequence, however that is highly dependent on the level of detail to which suggested activities are investigated and more so whether only selected activities are used in the class program. The sequences provide schools with an opportunity to delve in lightly to a topic or go to a much deeper level and implement the sequence in full.

Suggested weighting of topics

Regardless of the number of hours offered for each key topic a weighting may help schools decide on how much time to allocate to specific content areas of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

This graphic reflects the suggested weighting for each key topic. Note: Topics that require students to use a programming language usually take longer to implement.

Suggested weighting of 7-8 topics