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Learning programs to support implementation

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Unit Intro to programming
Year Level: 3Topic: Digital solutionsTime: 8 hours

Programming is one process of the larger problem-solving methodology of creating digital solutions. Using a programming language can create a solution to a problem. The starting point for the problem-solving methodology is finding out about (investigating) and working out (defining) the problem. Once the problem has been defined the next step is to represent the solution as a series of steps (an algorithm). The algorithm can highlight any decisions (branching) that need to be made and what pathways might result, as well as how a user might engage and provide input. Algorithms at this level might be described verbally, written as a series of steps, represented on card, drawn or created digitally. The algorithm may then be implemented using a programming solution where students use a visual programming language that involves dragging and dropping programming blocks into a sequence. The final process is to evaluate how well their solution solved the problem.

Flow of Activities