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Learner perspective

What skills have you developed through the Makerspace?

  • looking at instructions carefully to help understanding
  • development of communication skills.

What has been your favourite activity and why?

  • building functional models from diagrams and instructions
  • learning from failure and thinking outside the box.

How is the Makerspace different to other subjects?

  • not like lots of high school subjects that are about sitting at a desk and learning facts
  • Makerspace is hands-on, creative, fun and inspires students to learn.

How has learning in the Makerspace influenced you outside of school?

  • being creative at home and developing curiosity in what else can be made at home.

Why do you enjoy participating in the Makerspace?

  • gives learners the opportunity to express imagination and creativity
  • better than sitting in a chair and learning
  • inspires learners to learn more.

Why should other schools have a Makerspace?

  • gives you the opportunity to build outside of the curriculum
  • hands-on, following instructions and being creative
  • Makerspace able to cover any curriculum topic
  • can bring in the wider community
  • students missing out on a learning opportunity if they do not work
  • brings concepts like area and volume to life through making.