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Student Makers Conference


Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, is a diverse school located in Broadmeadows, 18km north of Melbourne’s CBD.

In November 2016, 120 students from multiple schools across Victoria participated in a makers conference hosted by the students of Dallas Brooks Community School. The event was sponsored by Microsoft. The student committee created and planned a series of 20 activities and became teachers for the day. This incredible event was planned by the students from start to finish who then shared their knowledge of Digital Technologies with their peers. 

Project Management skills played a major part in the organisation with the students in control of processes and decisions about how the conference would run. The students designed instructions and safety requirements for their activities and found problems which needed to be solved along the way. 

Multiple technologies were used across the conference such as drones, bots and apps and incorporated many curriculum areas including Language, Art, Science, Maths and English. 

The conference inspired the students leading the learning as well as engaging the students and teachers from the other schools. It gave students a wonderful opportunity to develop their creative and interpersonal skills as well as their technical skills related to digital technologies. Watch the video Student Makers Conference 2016 to learn more.

Dallas Brooks Community Primary School, has a holistic approach to learning – with technology woven into everything that they do. See how they set up learning spaces to make use of the technology and create an effective collaborative learning environment in Dallas Brooks, a diversity rich school using O365 to drive real impact.

Watch the video where two students talk about their learning experiences when designing, producing and testing their Makey Makey guitar, in the video Dallas Brooks Community Primary School Makers Program.

With great thanks to the students and staff at Dallas Brooks Community Primary School for their generous contributions.