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Unpacking the Digital Technologies curriculum

Introduction and rationale

Digital Technologies: An Introduction is a 5-minute video outlining the rationale, structure and broad context for implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Introduction and rationale

Drilling down

The following set of videos feature James Curran, Associate Professor at the School of IT, University of Sydney, and Director of the National Computer School. The videos will help you to understand the thinking behind the development of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and to explore the ways in which content is sequenced over the five bands of the curriculum.

Video 1: Unpacking the curriculum: Ten key concepts 

Use this 4-minute video to understand the ten key concepts that underpin the design and content of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

Video 2: Why Digital Technologies?

'Digital Technologies gives students a range of skills that allow them to express themselves creatively in ways that we haven't even thought of before.' This 4-minute video provides a persuasive rationale for this learning area.