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Unpacking the Digital Technologies curriculum

A topical question and key consideration for schools is what’s the relationship between ICT Capabilities and Digital Technologies and how do they differ. The following resources can help clarify this.


Here’s a blog article that discusses the differences between ICT Capabilities and the Digital Technologies.

Presentation slides

This resource aims to demonstrate differences between ICT capabilities and Digital Technologies for assessment purposes. It provides guidance for assessment using three examples across years F-8.


This video Digital Technologies skills vs ICT skills covers: What is the place of ICT skills in the curriculum? How does the Digital Technologies curriculum embody a shift in thinking about digital skills?


Check out this infographic describing the differences between ICT Capability and Digital Technology. Download the A3 PDF here or view below.

This infographic describes aspects of information communication technology (ICT) capability and digital technologies side by side.

This infographic compares uses of ICT with digital technologies.

This infographic shows examples of ICT in action and examples of digital technologies in action side by side.

This is a logo and header of the infographic. What's the difference between ICT Capability and Digital Technologies?DTHub_Infographic-web 1 4 resize p2DTHub_Infographic-web 1 4 resize p3DTHub_Infographic-web 1 4 resize p4