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Stop motion animation

Stop motion is when you create animations by moving objects slightly, taking a photo after each movement and running the photos together so it looks like the object moves on its own. If you are ready to use more advanced features to create your animations, search for one of the number of desktop applications available.

Use plastic toys, soft toys, pegs, kitchen utensils or whatever suits your story, along with a simple-to-use app, to create your own stop motion animation in no time.

There are a large number of stop motion animation apps available. Search an app store or try one of those listed below.

TIP: Use a stand or tripod to keep your camera or device in one place when taking photos.

Green screen

Green screen effects allow you to use a ‘green screen’ (though you can use a number of colours, depending on the tool you are using) placed behind the actors. The screen is replaced by an image or video to make it look like the actors are anywhere you’d like them to be. This is called Chroma Key. There are many apps and desktop applications available for you to search to find one that meets your needs.

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Visual programming

Visual programming (also known as block based or graphical programming) allows you to program, or code, by snapping blocks together.

Text-based programming

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