ACARA sample assessment task (9-10)

This sample assessment task has been prepared to assist teachers with the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, with a particular focus on data. It shows how aspects of the Digital Technologies curriculum related to data can be assessed using contexts from other learning areas and subjects. These contexts may be content that students have recently completed or are learning concurrently. This approach should enhance the manageability of the curriculum while still providing a targeted focus on Digital Technologies.

Additional details

Year band(s) 9-10
Content type Assessment task
Format Document
Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies code(s)

Develop techniques to acquire, store and validate data from a range of sources using software, including spreadsheets and databases


Analyse and visualise data interactively using a range of software, including spreadsheets and databases, to draw conclusions and make predictions by identifying trends and outliers


Model and query entities and their relationships using structured data


Define and decompose real-world problems with design criteria and by interviewing stakeholders to create user stories


Design algorithms involving logical operators and represent them as flowcharts and pseudocode


Validate algorithms and programs by comparing their output against a range of test cases


Implement, modify and debug modular programs, applying selected algorithms and data structures, including in an object-oriented programming language


Evaluate existing and student solutions against the design criteria, user stories, possible future impact and opportunities for enterprise


Select and use emerging digital tools and advanced features to create and communicate interactive content for a diverse audience

Keywords assessment, DTiF, dtif, DTIF, ACARA

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Australian Government Department of Education and Training, CC BY 4.0