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Digital Technologies

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This section has been included to help parents promote good digital citizenship in their family. Digital citizenship is about confident and positive engagement with digital technologies. By educating your children about digital citizenship, they will have the opportunity to develop an understanding about the following concepts:

  • Digital and information literacy (the skills required for children to successfully learn and live in a digital society)
  • Internet Safety (staying safe when using the internet)
  • Privacy and Security (keeping your information private and secure when operating online)
  • Cyberbullying, relationships, etiquette and communication (Bullying or harassment through digital means)
  • Creative credit and copyright (giving acknowledgement of the work to the original owner)
  • Digital footprints (personal information that exists online due to their online activity)

As parents, you want to help to develop good digital citizens, those who have the knowledge and skills to effectively use digital technologies to communicate with others, participate in society and create and consume digital content. Below you will find a collection of games, videos, activities and tools to help guide you through this.