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Digital Technologies

Advice on how to get started


What do I teach my students?

What do I teach my students? Need help to identify what content to cover for your Band level? For information about the content descriptions relevant to each band, view the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies.

What is Digital Technologies all about?

View this animation: what are they for? to gain an understanding of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies and to explore ways to create powerful, relevant learning experiences for students.

Learn more about the new curriculum

The Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER)^ at the University of Adelaide has developed a number of open online courses designed to assist teachers in addressing the new Digital Technologies learning area. These courses cover an introduction to concepts and example activities that help teach Computer Science and Computational Thinking at primary and secondary levels.

The DT Hub has resources organised by topic

Use these topics to help you make sense of the new language. There are resources to help you learn more about each topic, how to teach it and resources to use in your classrooms.