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Find out what other schools are doing

North Fitzroy Primary School has a strong Digital Technologies program. They use Pro-Bots in Year 4 in a range of ways to complement their maths and history lessons. Here are a few small examples of ways that the school integrates Pro-Bots into their classrooms.

  1. The students learn about seafaring explorers, and will use an enlarged world map to trace their journeys. Students will measure the distance for each part of their journeys, and programme the Pro-Bots to follow their route. You can access the Pro-Bot Explorer lesson here.
  2. Students draw maps using Pro-bots

  3. Students create mazes to navigate, with obstacles to move around.
  4. The students learn how to program the Pro-Bots to use their sound, touch and light sensors. This is more advanced programming, but is in the Pro-Bot Instruction Book, which is a great teaching and learning resource. The Pro-Bots can use their light sensors to follow a white line (e.g. Masking tape) on a dark floor/table/mat/card/paper. Students program them so that if they bump into something, they will back away, turn and try again (like a vacuum robot), and they will respond to sounds (e.g. Clapping to start them going). 

Here are some links to websites with resources: