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Defining Digital Technologies

The Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies:

... helps students to become innovative creators of digital solutions, effective users of digital systems and critical consumers of information conveyed by digital systems. 

Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

While the term 'coding' is often used as a way of referring to this area, this term limits the scope of the subject. Computational thinking is at the core of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. 

Computational thinking involves solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior, by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science. 

Jeannette M Wing

There is a clear relationship between the Digital Technologies curriculum and the ICT capability general capability. ICT capability assists students to become effective users of ICT across all subjects of the curriculum. The Digital Technologies curriculum assists students to become confident developers of digital solutions. While some specific ICT knowledge and skills are likely to develop only within Digital Technologies learning programs, key ICT concepts and skills are strengthened, made specific and extended across the learning areas.